About Us

Corlia Branders


  • BA Psychology (North-West Univ.)

  • B. Psych. Community Health Counselling and Psychometry (CUT)

  • B.Ed. Honours Psychology of Education in Support Teaching. (U.O.F.S) (Cum Laude)

  • Functional Therapy Cert, Post Graduate. (Tech. R.S.A)

  • H.E.D Senior Primary (North-West Univ.) specializing in Remedial Education and Career Guidance

I am a person-oriented professional who specializes in offering counselling, psychometric assessment, educational support, career guidance, educators training, motivational speaking and learner support including the use of play therapy techniques.

I began my career as a teacher, learner support facilitator, subject advisor and like most professionals, performing the allocated tasks. As time passed, I realized that the need to support parents and children was more than that set out in my job description.  I realized quickly that the services I offered should be available to the community at large.

I began to learn about other areas of work that were related to my core expertise.  I began formulating ways to improve each by enhancing the other and this started off my counselling career !!!


  • Registered Counsellor  : HPCSA

  • Psychometrist in Private Practice: HPCSA

  • Trauma Counsellor: Trauma Call

  • Dyslexia: RADA

  • Association of Registered Counsellors:  ARCSA

  • Career Consultant: Career Direct

Support Services Includes:

  • Early Childhood Intervention

  • School Readiness Assessments

  • Parental Support and Guidance

  • Autism support strategies

  • ADHD and support

  • RADA Dyslexia Assessment

  • Alternative and Adaptive Methods of Assessment

  • Differentiated Teaching Methods

  • Teacher’s development

  • Assessment for the Department of Education to determine the need for concessions

  • Phonological Awareness Strategies and Workshops

  • Basic Lay Counselling Skills for Educators,

  • Brain Dominance Profiling  

  • Identification of Learning Styles

  • Subject Choices and Career Guidance

  • Study Methods

  • Psychometric Assessments

  • Scholastic Assessments and Reports

  • Motivational Speaker