Welcome to Corlia’s Counselling and Psychometric Support

Situated in Bela-Bela Limpopo, in the bushy and tranquil Limpopo District, easily accessible from Pretoria and Johannesburg.

As a Registered Counsellor, I perform psychological screening, assessment and psychological interventions with individuals and groups. My aim is to enhance the individual’s personal functioning in a variety of contexts including education, family and the community.

As a Subject Advisor at the Department of Education as well as a Learner Support Advisor, I have been advising parents and learners for a number of years and have been adding more and more to my skill-set in terms of both capability and insight.

My vision is to offer a safe, unbiased and supportive environment for clients to be heard, to be equipped with skills in order to cope with challenges and to receive support in making informed decisions.

If you are looking for someone who can understand the demands facing you, your family and your child and can offer guidance and material that can help you, I guess I may be the person for you!

Medical Board Registration no. PRC 0013803 /PMT 00853040  Practice no. 081 000 04736 26.

Introduction to Counselling

Little is generally known about what it is to be a Registered Counsellor, so for you to better understand your counsellor, please take note of the following:

To become a Registered Counsellor one needs to have written and passed a board exam with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) with a minimum of 70%.

One is allowed entry into the board exam following the completion of an accredited four year B Psych. Honours/ Psych. Honours degree accredited by the Board as equivalent to the B. Psych. degree and an approved six months/twelve-month internship in the specific field. This internship is done under the supervision of a Registered Psychologist.

A Registered Counsellor is bound by the Health Professions Act, which maintains the same ethical code pertaining to that of a Registered Psychologist.

Registered Counsellors are permitted to charge Medical Aid rates.